About Me

As a Child

I am a very obsessed person, mixed with a bit of an attention issue. You will always find me with my coffee or lemon aid. I get hooked for weeks at a time reading or re-reading Laruell K Hamiltion, Cassandra Clare or Sherrilyn Kenyon book series. Maybe even get lost in T.V. With all that, my days are filled with family and sometimes daily errands/business. My life can be an obsessed chaotic mess, however through it all, the one thing that gives me peace, a total zen feeling is being behind my camera.

As is so often said, like mother like daughter, and for me that is certainly true.


As a child, I was my mother’s Guinea pig. When she wasn’t on assignment for a local newspaper or magazine, we spent endless hours fulfilling her passion; I, in front of the lens and her behind it, fussing over every shot.

Back then, I was unaware the same passion would someday consume me and today, like my mother, photography is my passion.

My style is not to photograph just the scene or person, but to photograph the way they make me feel. I work to capture the emotion of the moment, the intensity of an expression, a shared smile, the subtle changes in light ….. a mood and a memory that passes the moment I click the shutter.

Fast forward, as an adult I had lots of point and shoot film cameras. I never thought about composition or taking that great shot. With my first digital camera, you know the ones that used 3.5 floppy discs, I approached photography in the same view: point and shoot. It wasn’t until I received my first Cannon digital camera that I started learning the beauty of photography.

Photography is my calling, my passion, and the thing that will undoubtedly drive me insane someday. But what a way to go!