Tips to finding that perfect location for your photography session

You have booked your photography session and it’s time to start thinking about a location. Here are some things you’ll want to think about:

  • Keep in mind the décor of your home. This not only helps to determine your location, but it helps determine your clothing options as well.
    • Example… I love neutral tones and deep royal colors. I feel these give that rustic vintage feel. My dream décor is just that, therefore I would not dress my family in bright neon colors and put it in a big canvas print for my wall. It would look out of place. However, I nice wooded area, with those deep and neutral colors would fit perfectly. Maybe I would have a canvas with a barn wood frame or maybe I would print it on wood.
  • Do you have a place that is special to you? This could be one location or it could be a town. Having photos of you and or family in a location that means something brings in stories to be passed on for generations.
  • Time is another key factor in your chosen location. If your location has a large amount of people at a certain time, this can become a distraction and it may not allow for everyone to give their best. It also effects the light that is available. The best lighting, in my opinion, is the first couple of hours after sunrise and before sunset. The light is softer and adds that perfect touch. However, cloudy noon days is good too.
  • Be creative! Try thinking outside of the box when choosing a location. Talk with your photographer with ideas that may be unique. Do you love to read? Try a library. Love art? Why not a gallery! Do you love to cook? Why not your kitchen! Once you start thinking of your hobbies, the possibilities of where to do your photo session come to light.